Off-Call 2017 Spotlight: Call Share & Collaboration

Being on call as a mother is hard. We have all found ourselves somewhere in between being the resentful who had to stop and the resentful who wish they could (stop or slow down). Slowing down or stopping to be off call as a sole proprietor can be detrimental to the family income so it’s often not an option. It often means you feel resentful or bitter that you had to leave your family, once again, to attend a birth. We have been there. We’ve been on the brink of throwing in the towel but instead channeled each others strengths, combined our skills and realized that as a team we can accomplish goals exponentially greater than being alone. Our clients are happier, our home is happier… we are happier. In this 60 min class we will explore the benefits of partnerships, picking your partner(s), client experience and sharing the workload.


Class Available Live + Online

Natasha Hance was the original founder of NHance Photography starting in 2008 before adding Amanda Gipson to the studio in 2015. She started as a doula in 2006 and has been attending births ever since. Natasha co-founded Birth Stories [101] to promote birth photography and better the industry and continues to teach Birth Stories [101] workshops with Amanda & Jamie. She was also one of the original founders and co-owners of OFF-CALL, before branching to focus her work on Birth Stories [101], Birth Unscripted and to continue to grow their portrait studio, NHance Photography. Natasha was recently a speaker at The Baby Summit USA and has been internationally published and has had work featured in The Huffington Post, People, BabyCenter and many other media outlets.

Amanda Gipson has been shooting births since 2010 and was the owner of Amanda Gipson Photography before closing that chapter and partnering with NHance Photography & Birth Unscripted. Amanda has a huge heart and enjoys teaching. She has a reputation for helping others on their photography journey in a friendly and approachable way. Together they own Birth Unscripted with Jamie Cain to provide unique and reliable professional birth photography to the DFW, Texas community since 2013. They’ve documented well over 300 births between them and work quietly and seamlessly within a birth space. They are growing momentum in their work crafting powerful birth films for their clients and have had some of their birth films featured recently in The Honest Company commercial.

Off-Call 2017 Spotlight: Image Critique

Kirsten will be going through 50 images submitted by birth photographers and offering critique on each one.  Even if you do not have an image in the group, you will learn a tremendous amount by simply watching the process.  So much can be gained from experiencing a skilled photographer critique images.  With Kirsten's experience as a story-teller, you are sure to come away with ways in which you can better tell your clients stories through your own photography.


Class available Online Only

Kirsten Lewis is a family photojournalist based in Denver, Colorado however her work brings her all over the world, from New Zealand to Dubai, Brazil to Canada, Italy to Hawaii. Although she has been shooting and teaching for over a decade, it was her 3 day  and 2 day classes on Creative Live that really brought her approach to documentary family photography to the forefront as a desirable alternative to the traditional family portrait. Her Day In The Life sessions are completely raw, 24hrs of coverage of a single family usually producing incredibly funny and touching images depicting real life as a kid as well as a parent.  She has been mentoring photographers internationally not only within her genre of photography, but a coach guiding them to find their own unique voice by embracing their personal experiences and letting them reflect that history through their photographs. Kirsten's talks are known to make you laugh one minute and tear up the next, inspiring her listeners to go out and make new work to be proud of.  She is most excited for the biggest job she began undertaking in April,as Mom to her first child, daughter Byrdie Mae with her husband Greg.


Off-Call 2017 Spotlight: Advanced Marketing

There is so much more to a good marketing strategy and brand presence than just the likes of Social Media. Although we will touch on social media marketing techniques and strategies, this class is aimed at helping you fill in the gaps and create a thorough understanding of your brand and how to reach your target market.

We'll go in depth on the purpose of marketing: How to get more clients, how to justify charging more, and increase your rate of repeat clients. We'll explore your marketing options: Do you need to put more emphasis on traditional local media? New media? Social Media? Guerilla media? Blogging? Could your SEO need some help?

In addition to marketing strategies we'll also dig deeper into cultivating a strong and recognizable brand presence that will help you set yourself above your competition, and legitimize you amongst your clients. Did you know that your brand as a whole tells more about you than just your photos, your personality, your logo, the fonts you choose? Did you know that how your clients talk about you is just as important as your brand message. They all go hand in hand to tell the story of you, so you can tell the story of them! I can't wait to meet you all and hope to clear up most of the mystery of marketing!

Class available Live + Online

Neely Ker-Fox graduated cum laud from the University of Georgia, with a background in Advertising/Graphic Design and Art History. She's been doing what she loves for a living for over 8 years.

Neely began her career as a professional photographer in 2009 and shot her first birth in 2011. Not long after she decided to specialize in birth photography and family photojournalism in 2013. Since then she's been blessed to have photographed over 100 births and counting. Through the years she has garnered trusted relationships with countless doctors, midwives, anesthesiologists, nurses, and hospital staff, as well as gained a wealth of knowledge regarding prenatal, labor and delivery, and postpartum care. She also brings her own personal experiences through the birth of her two children.

She loves the Lord and continually tries to use her business as a mini-ministry.  She's a wife and mother. She's a hopeless romantic.  She's obsessed with the details and the subtle nuances of everyday life.  She finds beauty in the simplicity of everyday.

She has the best job. Ever.

Off-Call 2017 Spotlight: Positively Preventing Burnout

Burnout! It can happen to anyone. Especially being a business owner working in the birth industry, being on call, and juggling your many other real life responsibilities. In this class, Rachael will reveal to you a two minute daily practice that will increase your sales by 37%, productivity by 31%, triple your revenue, and ultimately, prevent burnout. Come learn the science behind these techniques along with some ground breaking research. Rachael will give you the tools you need to implement these skills into your life and why they are so important. Come find out the true secret to success in work/life balance and how to keep yourself healthy and happy while working in a demanding profession.

Class Available Live + Online

Rachael Steele of Steele The Moment Photography is currently a birth & family photographer, who began photographing births in 2010. As the first professional birth photographer in her area, she soon got busy enough that she found the need to train and hire several other photographers in the art of birth photography to work with her.  Before she became a professional photographer, Rachael received her Bachelors Degree in Psychology and Physical Education where she studied her thesis on how physiological input effects the brain and psychological well being.  She has always had a passion for teaching, and has been educating and training birth photographers since 2012. She has such a desire to help create a standard of excellence for the birth photography industry, that she also currently owns and operates The Certified Birth Photographer, where she offers birth photography education and certification online. Rachael currently lives in Utah and has been married just over 10 years to a wonderfully supportive husband. She has a 9 year old daughter, twin boys who are 7, and a one year old baby boy. As you can imagine, they keep her on her toes, as she has had to learn to master the art of work life balance and successfully preventing burnout!


Off-Call 2017 Spotlight: Video Editing Magic

So you finally decided to take the plunge and switch that camera setting to video mode. You’ve taken some beautiful clips and are loving what you are shooting but editing has you stumped! Wether you are struggling with shortening your films and making them engaging, unsure of what clips should make the cut or how to arrange them, or simply looking for tips to streamline your editing process, this class is for you. We’ll learn about story structure, micro-stories, J & L cuts, transitions and so much more. I will be editing with Final Cut Pro, but the principles taught in the class will be applicable regardless of what program you use to edit your films.

Class Available Live + Online

Ceci Jane Massa is a storyteller, photographer and filmmaker, she has been documenting the beauty of birth since 2010.  As one of the first to offer cinematic birth films in the US, she has inspired many around the nation to do the same.  She strove to create a true movie out of her birth films, combining shorter clips, integrating music, and strategically using the natural sounds and voices of the birth. She co-founded Birth Stories [101] to promote birth photography and better the industry, as well as the founder and owner of OFF-CALL, the first conference designed just for birth photographers. Ceci is passionate about finding the unique beauty of each family's experience and capturing it through her work.  She has expanded her birth films into her family work and loves capturing those same special moments for families with cinematic films.  Her films have been featured in educational materials and online around the globe.  She teaches and mentors through her online school StoryMindedand produces the Dear Photographer podcast. Her birth and family films can be seen through A Chapter in Life. Ceci and her husband Aaron live in Dallas, Texas with their three children.

Off-Call 2017 Spotlight: Learning to Sell Without SELLING

Are you timid and unsure when meeting with potential clients and struggle with selling yourself and your work to get hired? Have you wanted to delve into the world of In Person Sales but are afraid to have to 'sell' to clients? In this class, I will help you learn how to use tried-and-true techniques for structuring your business, your unique customer experience and we'll even touch on pricing & package development that will help get clients to book with you and pay what you are worth WITHOUT feeling like a used car salesman! I will focus on the In Person Sales model that can be used for both portrait and birth photography packages. We will even have a "Common Objections" section at the end where you can see how I approach and answer client objections and sticky situations with regard to policies and pricing! You'll leave knowing how to structure your business model to prevent miscommunications with clients and get the clients you want to hire you!

Class Available Live + Online

Amanda McGhee of Kimberlin Gray Photography was one of the first to offer professional birth photography in Virginia Beach, Virginia where she has run an extremely profitable portrait studio since 2009. She has been published on The Huffington Post, Baby Center, BuzzFeed, Posh Tots, and Midwifery Today as well as won numerous best of awards and Honorable Mention in the 2012 IAPBP contest. When she is not working on her business, she enjoys spending time with her husband of 17 years and two children ages 7 and 10. Her mission is to help other photographers get organized and get profitable with her Productivity Roadmap and ReFRAME Your Business mentoring.


Off-Call 2017 Spotlight: Know When to Go

Birth provides an amazing opportunity for photographers to tell a once-in-a-lifetime story filled with raw emotion. But to be successful in this industry, you need to be more than just an ace photographer -- you need to understand birth. In this class you'll learn the ins and outs of labor, how it progresses (dilation is only one measure, after all), as well as many sign posts to understand not only when to head to the birth, but also when to take a break to give mom space and, even, how to know when baby is close to being born so you can set up for the best shot.

Class Available Live + Online

As the birth photographer and doula at Maternal Focus Photography, Andrea Lythgoe has loved working with birthing families most of her adult life. In addition to teaching childbirth education classes since 1997 and attending hundreds of births, Andrea has taught at conferences including DONA International, Lamaze International, and year's Off Call.  She lives and works in the shadows of the Wasatch mountains near Salt Lake City Utah. When not shooting births, she can often be found off in the mountains with her Lensbabies, sipping hot cocoa, or hanging out with her three redheaded daughters and husband.