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2017 Online Conference

Welcome to the 2017 OFF-CALL Conference ONLINE!  We are thrilled to have you here and are excited to have you start watching.  All content was filmed live at the actual conference.  Videos will continue to roll out until they are all available.

Please Note:

  • All video content is available until June 1, 2017 at which point it will no longer be available for streaming.
  • No video content may be downloaded or recorded.  Streaming only.
  • Your Membership login is not available for sharing.
  • Failure to abide by these stipulations or other rules/regulations will result in an immediate ban and no refund will be offered.

2017 Keynote Speakers


Elizabeth Boyce

In a budding industry, with tons of growth, how do you value your business?  What are you worth? Elizabeth will talk on pricing for profit and why it has less to do with numbers and everything to do with your own self worth.

Twyla Jones

Twyla will talk about the importance of knowing the value of YOU and how connecting with who you really are will make the work you produce more satisfying and flow organically.  She will cover how to fully recognize all the beauty and love in life and how to infuse those emotions into sessions and births and how to overcome fear to find the freedom to create the work you have always waned. 


Leilani Rogers

Leilani will how you can find your own identity as a birth photographer.  She will touch on the importance of positioning ourselves squarely in the photography world rather than the birth world and how to balance advocacy with business and still remain respectable and professional.  She will talk about how you can elevate the birth photography corner of the photography world, even if you feel like a little fish in a big sea.


Ceci Jane Massa

Ceci will share with you her beautiful film put together in collaboration with other birth photographers and their experiences with life as a birth photographer.  She has a way of making you laugh and cry all at the same time.  Due to time constraints at the actual live conference, only the video was shared, rather than her comments on the process of creating the video.

2017 Breakout Classes

Neely Ker-Fox

Neely will cover a wide variety of marketing techniques, including SEO, social media, local media, news media, blogging and more.  Learn how to get out there! 

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Laura Paulescu

Laura will edit audience-submitted images & explain how to train your eye in color theory & correction to help you produce the most beautiful, consistent birth images!


Aaron Massa

Aaron will provide an overview of what a business owner needs when running and operating their own business. Covering subjects like Cash, Taxes, bookkeeping, and software.


Brooke Walsh

In this one-hour class, I’ll take you step by step from concept, to creating and gathering content and editing into a final piece to use in promotional campaigns


Colleen Bianco Bezich

Colleen will cover the legal aspects of family & lifestyle photography, including key provisions that every birth photographer should include in her contract. 


Laura Eckert

Laura will discuss how to introduce potential clients to the idea, portfolio-building dos and don’ts, marketing strategies, building client relationships, and other tips for helping your birth business blossom. 


Natasha Hance & Amanda Gipson

Natasha and Amanda will explore the benefits of partnerships, picking your partner(s), client experience and sharing the workload.


Ceci Jane Massa

Ceci will teach you about story-telling, teach about story structure, micro-stories, J & L cuts, transitions and so much more!


Amanda McGhee

Amanda will help you learn how to use techniques for structuring your business, your unique customer experience and touch on pricing that will help get clients to book with you and pay what you are worth. 


Rachael Steele

Rachael will talk about the true secret to success in work/life balance and how to keep yourself healthy and happy while working in a demanding profession.


Andrea Lythgoe

Andrea will teach the ins and outs of labor, how it progresses, as well as many sign posts to understand not only when to head to the birth, and to know when baby is close so you can set up for the best shot.


Kirsten Lewis

Kirsten will critique 50 birth images to help each photographer learn how to improve their work and grow as an artist.

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