2017 Keynotes & Speakers

Knowing Your Worth * Live + Online

In a budding industry, with tons of growth, how do you value your business?  What are you worth? Elizabeth will talk on pricing for profit and why it has less to do with numbers and everything to do with your own self worth.

Published author * Work Published in Brigette MOM & Midwifery Today * Work featured by People, GMA, Redbook, Huffpost, Brigette, BabyCenter, Cosmopolitan & More

Elizabeth Boyce- Keynote Speaker

Elizabeth has been documenting births and teaching birth photographers for almost 12 years.  She owns Earth Mama Photography, a birth and portrait studio based in Dallas, Texas.  She has been a full time photographer serving birthing families and their babies since 2008.   She was the creator and founder of the original Birth Retreat, a retreat style workshop designed for birth photographers.  She then co-founded Birth Stories 101 to promote birth photography and better the industry.  She is the author of The Birth Photographer's Handbook as well as the founder and owner of OFF-CALL, the first conference designed just for birth photographers.  She currently lives full time in an RV with her husband Tom, five of her six kids and her two cats.  They travel the country while Elizabeth hosts OFF-CALL ON-TOUR, regional workshops that help promote community and teach birth photographers how to better their work and business.  She also mentors one on one both in Dallas and on the road.  She is known for being funny and authentic and keeping you feeling connected and that anything is possible.

Published International Birth and Portrait Photographer

Website: http://earthmamaphotography.com

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Confidence, Fear, Inspiration & Voice * Live + Online

Twyla will talk about the importance of knowing the value of YOU and how connecting with who you really are will make the work you produce more satisfying and flow organically.  She will cover how to fully recognize all the beauty and love in life and how to infuse those emotions into sessions and births and how to overcome fear to find the freedom to create the work you have always waned. 

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Looks Like Film Artist of the Month * Click Magazine Artist Feature * Click PhotoSchool Instructor * OFF-SET Contributer * Founder of The Traveling Dress Collective * Beyond the Wanderlust Fan Fav * 

Twyla Jones- Keynote Speaker

Twyla Jones recently moved to Florida with her fiance and their two sons after growing up running around the woods and fields of Kansas.  She has a degree in Human Biology but shifted her focus to photographing the human connection instead.  She is obsessed with beautiful light and looking for magic everywhere, focusing heavily on creating environments that foster meaningful connections between her subjects.  It is her desire to create photographs that do more than serve as proof that you existed.  She wants to show that you lived passionately and loved madly.  She enjoys sharing the way she sees beauty with other photographers and helping others find the confidence they need to create meaningful artwork for both themselves and their clients.

Educator and Photographer

Website: http://twylajones.com

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Who Are You? * Live + Online

Leilani will how you can find your own identity as a birth photographer.  She will touch on the importance of positioning ourselves squarely in the photography world rather than the birth world and how to balance advocacy with business and still remain respectable and professional.  She will talk about how you can elevate the birth photography corner of the photography world, even if you feel like a little fish in a big sea.

Published Online at The Huffington Post, People, Redbook, Woman's Day, Cosmopolitan, ELLE, SELF, Babble, Yahoo, Good Morning America * Published in The Natural Parent, Where Women Create, & Midwifery Today Magazines * Founder of the Public Breastfeeding Awareness Project * Winner of 2014 IAPBP People's Choice 

Leilani Rogers- Keynote Speaker

After Leilani was asked to photograph the birth of her niece 6 years ago, she knew she had found her calling.  She immediately started transitioning her existing portrait business to one that specializes in birth and breastfeeding photography.  Since that moment of clarity, her work has gained rapid attention across the world.  In 2013, Leilani was named Best Birth Photographer in Austin, Texas (a title she still holds) and in 2014 she won the IAPBP's International People's Choice Award for her rare image of a baby born in the caul.  Leilani's images are described as emotive, touching, and genuine.  Leilani is the founder of the Public Breastfeeding Awareness Project (PBAP), an initiative that has attracted the talent of 65 breastfeeding photographers from around the globe.  Since appearing on ABC News Nightline, Leilani has been commissioned to provide photography for health clinics, art shows and documentaries.  In her recent foray into teaching and speaking, Leilani has discovered a love for inspiring other photographers to find and connect with their unique selves, allowing them to find their voice in the photography world.  Leilani and her husband Andrew live in Austin, Texas with their four children.  She credits her own experiences in motherhood for her unique ability to connect with her clients, and tell their birth story with dedication and grace.

Award Winning and Published Birth and Brestfeeding Photographer

Watch her in action here: https://vimeo.com/85778126

Website: http://photosbylei.com

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Life as a Birth Photographer * Live + Online

Ceci, along with Elizabeth will talk on the funny, tough and emotional moments of being a birth photographer and share with you an emotional video of YOUR lives as birth photographers.  You won't want to miss this!

Co-Owner of the Dear Photographer Podcast * Co-founder of Storyminded, an online school for photographers * Co-founder of Birth Stories [101] * Pioneer of Modern Day Birth Films

Ceci Massa- Keynote Speaker

Ceci Jane Massa is a storyteller, photographer and filmmaker, she has been documenting the beauty of birth since 2010.  As one of the first to offer cinematic birth films in the US, she has inspired many around the nation to do the same.  She strove to create a true movie out of her birth films, combining shorter clips, integrating music, and strategically using the natural sounds and voices of the birth. She co-founded Birth Stories [101] to promote birth photography and better the industry, as well as the founder and owner of OFF-CALL, the first conference designed just for birth photographers. Ceci is passionate about finding the unique beauty of each family's experience and capturing it through her work.  She has expanded her birth films into her family work and loves capturing those same special moments for families with cinematic films.  Her films have been featured in educational materials and online around the globe.  She teaches and mentors through her online school StoryMinded and produces the Dear Photographer podcast. Her birth and family films can be seen through A Chapter in Life. Ceci and her husband Aaron live in Dallas, Texas with their three children.


Modern Day Birth Filmmaker and Podcaster

Website: http://achapterinlife.com

Facebook @ cecijanephoto

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Story Minded:  http://wearestoryminded.com

You Are in This World * Live VIP Only

Emily will talk about her personal project on Mental Illness and how she has grown personally and professionally through her personal work.

2013 IAPBP Honorable Mention* 2014 IAPBP Grand Prize Winner * 2015 IAPBP Honorable Mention* Published in Times, New York Daily News, Guardian, Midwifery Today, BabyCenter,  and The Huffington Post

Emily Robinson- VIP Speaker

Emily is an award-winning birth and family photographer in South Florida.  She has been a newspaper reported on the crime beat, a high school journalism teacher, graphic artist, product designer and now feels at home behind the camera, telling stories.  In the last five years since she began documenting families and births, she has been on CNN and the Today Show, published in magazines and blogs all over the world and recently a lecturer at a photography conference in Mexico.  

A winning image, in her mind, is one that is honest and makes you feel something.  Recently, Emily began a storytelling project about her mother, who has suffered from schizophrenia her entire adult life. Using film clips, photographs and writing, she seeks to reveal mental illness through a compassionate, honest and heartbreakingly honest look at her mother's life.  Emily lives in Hollywood, Florida with her husband, two daughters and two dogs.  She aims her camera at anything and everything that moves her- seagulls over the ocean, her clients, her kids, her family, her dogs- all of it- the whole story.

Photographer, Activist, & Storyteller

Website: http://emily-robinson.format.com

Facebook @ emilyrobinsonphoto

Mom Project: http://youareinthisworld.com

Facebook @ You-Are-In-This-World-584294141746213/

Mentoring the Mentor * Live VIP Only

Having established herself as a mentor and leader in her industry, Twyla is ready to share what her experience has been like growing her mentoring and workshops.  She is excited to talk on the path that she followed, the important things she has learned along the way and then open the floor for questions and discussion on the topic of mentoring.

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Twyla Jones- VIP Speaker

Twyla has been teaching and mentoring other photographers for years and is ready to share her knowledge of how to establish yourself as an expert.  She currently offers mentoring and presets through her own site.  She is also an instructor at a variety of workshops including Click'n Moms, Click PhotoSchool Camp Archipelago, Over Yonder, Baby F, Looks Like Film, The Babetown Retreat, The Creative Photography Academy, and The Things that Move you.

Workshops:  http://www.twylajones.com/workshops

Mentoring: http://www.twylajones.com/workshops

Presets: http://www.twylajones.com/presets