Program Schedule

April 9, 2017        4:00pm-10:30pm

4:00pm Meal Meet-Up

We will be having a meal prior to starting the program.  Depending on the schedule, this may be breakfast, lunch or dinner.  We will let attendees know the day prior where we will be and they are welcome to join us for a casual meal meet-up!  Meals are not provided.

5:30pm Introductions & Connections Circle

As a group, we will share a little about ourselves and how we have been helped by someone else to get to where we are.  While passing string around, we find ways in which we are all different and yet connected to each other.  This activity helps you to be open and vulnerable while empowering you to know that you are not alone.

6:30pm Birth Photography: The Ultimate Balancing Act by Elizabeth Boyce

Elizabeth Boyce is a 10+ year birth photographer with over 250 births under her belt.  She will share with you ways in which she has found balance in running a birth photography business.  It will include discussion on mentoring and training others, networking, personal projects and even personal relationships.  She will continue the theme of connectivity and leave you encouraged and with a plan to find balance in your own business.

7:30pm Dessert & Wine

Grab a quick glass and snack and get comfortable for our next speaker!

7:45pm Storytelling: Seeing Beyond the Obvious by Ceci Jane Massa

Ceci Jane Massa, well known and skilled birth videographer and teacher, will break down the elements of effective and beautiful story telling.  She will teach you how to see beyond the "attention grabbing" images that you see all over social media and help you find true, authentic moments that will stir emotion, make the viewer pause and really be in the moment.  She will help you to find the skills to make each image able to stand on it's own as a story.

8:45pm Finding the Story

After hearing Ceci speak on Storytelling, learn how to put those skills to use!  In small groups, collaborate to find the story within the images presented.  Learn to see the story BEYOND the obvious.  Work to see all the aspects of an image that tell the story so that you can apply them more effectively to your own work.  You will share your findings with the group as a whole.

 9:30pm LIVE Q&A Dear Photographer Podcast Recording

Elizabeth will join Dear Photographer Podcasters, Ceci Jane Massa and Monica Burkett to answer questions from the group.  This podcast will be recorded live and be aired in the weeks to follow.  

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