Off-Call 2017 Spotlight: Video Editing Magic

So you finally decided to take the plunge and switch that camera setting to video mode. You’ve taken some beautiful clips and are loving what you are shooting but editing has you stumped! Wether you are struggling with shortening your films and making them engaging, unsure of what clips should make the cut or how to arrange them, or simply looking for tips to streamline your editing process, this class is for you. We’ll learn about story structure, micro-stories, J & L cuts, transitions and so much more. I will be editing with Final Cut Pro, but the principles taught in the class will be applicable regardless of what program you use to edit your films.

Class Available Live + Online

Ceci Jane Massa is a storyteller, photographer and filmmaker, she has been documenting the beauty of birth since 2010.  As one of the first to offer cinematic birth films in the US, she has inspired many around the nation to do the same.  She strove to create a true movie out of her birth films, combining shorter clips, integrating music, and strategically using the natural sounds and voices of the birth. She co-founded Birth Stories [101] to promote birth photography and better the industry, as well as the founder and owner of OFF-CALL, the first conference designed just for birth photographers. Ceci is passionate about finding the unique beauty of each family's experience and capturing it through her work.  She has expanded her birth films into her family work and loves capturing those same special moments for families with cinematic films.  Her films have been featured in educational materials and online around the globe.  She teaches and mentors through her online school StoryMindedand produces the Dear Photographer podcast. Her birth and family films can be seen through A Chapter in Life. Ceci and her husband Aaron live in Dallas, Texas with their three children.
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