Off-Call 2017 Spotlight: The DYI Promo Video

It's no secret that promo videos are a powerful tool, helping your clients fall in love with your brand. But the cost and time investment to have them produced professionally by people like me is sometimes prohibitive. Save time and money by producing your own quick and simple promo videos. In this one-hour class, I'll take you step by step from concept, to creating and gathering content and editing into a final piece to use in promotional campaigns on your website, Facebook and wherever potential clients are waiting to fall in love with what you have to offer. This is a great option for promoting new session concepts or specials, as well.

Class Available Live + Online

Brooke Walsh is a professional birth filmmaker and photographer at Peace Love Babies and her collaborative, Twin Cities Birth Photographers. Her original DIY promo video helped set her apart when she refocused her business on births in 2011 and continues to inspire to this day -- despite being horribly out of date. Since then, she's gone on to produce professional promo videos for clients. She brings her expertise in both techniques to this DIY promo class. Brooke Walsh is a co-founder of Minnesota Birth Photographers, has been published widely in such places as Huffington Post and Buzzfeed and offers digital classes online through Story Minded. She lives in Central MN with her three homeschooled kids and husband.
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