Off-Call 2017 Spotlight: Call Share & Collaboration

Being on call as a mother is hard. We have all found ourselves somewhere in between being the resentful who had to stop and the resentful who wish they could (stop or slow down). Slowing down or stopping to be off call as a sole proprietor can be detrimental to the family income so it’s often not an option. It often means you feel resentful or bitter that you had to leave your family, once again, to attend a birth. We have been there. We’ve been on the brink of throwing in the towel but instead channeled each others strengths, combined our skills and realized that as a team we can accomplish goals exponentially greater than being alone. Our clients are happier, our home is happier… we are happier. In this 60 min class we will explore the benefits of partnerships, picking your partner(s), client experience and sharing the workload.


Class Available Live + Online

Natasha Hance was the original founder of NHance Photography starting in 2008 before adding Amanda Gipson to the studio in 2015. She started as a doula in 2006 and has been attending births ever since. Natasha co-founded Birth Stories [101] to promote birth photography and better the industry and continues to teach Birth Stories [101] workshops with Amanda & Jamie. She was also one of the original founders and co-owners of OFF-CALL, before branching to focus her work on Birth Stories [101], Birth Unscripted and to continue to grow their portrait studio, NHance Photography. Natasha was recently a speaker at The Baby Summit USA and has been internationally published and has had work featured in The Huffington Post, People, BabyCenter and many other media outlets.

Amanda Gipson has been shooting births since 2010 and was the owner of Amanda Gipson Photography before closing that chapter and partnering with NHance Photography & Birth Unscripted. Amanda has a huge heart and enjoys teaching. She has a reputation for helping others on their photography journey in a friendly and approachable way. Together they own Birth Unscripted with Jamie Cain to provide unique and reliable professional birth photography to the DFW, Texas community since 2013. They’ve documented well over 300 births between them and work quietly and seamlessly within a birth space. They are growing momentum in their work crafting powerful birth films for their clients and have had some of their birth films featured recently in The Honest Company commercial.

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