Interview: Doulatog Robin Baker

If you aren't familiar with the term Doulatog, it was coined by Doula and Birth Photographer Robin Baker from San Diego, California.  She wanted a way to define someone who was able and willing to both doula and photograph for a client at the same time and Doulatog was born! 

I have known Robin for many years and we had met before, but I was able to go to her home office when I was in San Diego last spring.  It was so much fun to spend the day together.  She even let me document her office and her at work.  Her office is a little slice of heaven.  It was so colorful and peaceful that I never wanted to leave!

Name:  Robin Baker

Business: Birth Blessings Photography & Doula Services


Location: Temecula, California

Serves: Temecula Vallery, Riverside & San Diego Counties

Offers: Birth Photography, Doula Services, & Placenta Encapsulation