Top 10 Favorite Shots for a C-section Birth

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I prefer to arrive about 2 hours before the c-section is scheduled so that I can capture all the excitement before the new baby arrives.


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Dad preparing to go back is so much fun!  They are excited and anxious and offer great moments for your to capture.


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Mom almost always goes back before Dad or Doula.  I love to get those quiet moments of waiting.


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While waiting for the baby to arrive, mom is usually overwhelmed with all different emotions... tears, joy, laughter.  They are all worth documenting.


#5 Image

Nothing is more awesome that the moment between two worlds.


#6 Image

Mom is usually the last to see her new baby.  So when he is placed on her chest for the first time, be sure to be there!


#7 Image

Mom misses all of the baby exams.  Be sure to document those moments for her that she is sure to miss.


#8 Image

Baby will usually start opening his eyes and becoming aware of mom and dad.  This moment is so beautiful!


#9 Image

When mom is being moved to recovery, I try to sneak a moment in the waiting room.  The tension is thick, but it leaves opportunities for beautiful images to come out of it.


#10 Image

Even if it means waiting around til mom is out of recovery, capturing the first meeting of a new big brother or sister is so much fun.  I especially love when siblings gaze into the bassinet.


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