Off-Call 2017 Spotlight: Building a Birth Biz where Birth isn't Big

Maybe you know photography inside and out. Maybe your portrait business is booming and your images are amazing. But maybe you're also "stuck" in a place where birth photography isn't all the rage, even though it's your passion. When I started shooting births in IOWA in 2010, birth photography was unheard of. Starting from scratch in an area where people aren't familiar with the concept of birth photography can be a challenge. We'll discuss how to introduce potential clients to the idea, portfolio-building dos and don'ts, marketing strategies, building client relationships, and other tips for helping your birth business blossom! You'll leave class with an action plan and a prioritized list of things to do to get this aspect of your business off the ground and running!

Class Available Live + Online

Laura Steele Eckert is a maternity, birth, and newborn photographer from the Cedar Rapids/Iowa City, Iowa area. She started New Creation Photography in 2003 and was the first photographer in the state to begin photographing births professionally in 2010. Laura is the founding admin of the "Birth Photography" group and community page on Facebook, and is dedicated to strengthening the professional birth photography industry through the mentoring of new photographers and promoting outstanding birth photography to the public. Laura has three kids (8, 11 and 13 years old) and a wonderful husband who is fully supportive of her crazy photographic adventures!
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