Classes & Instructors

The following classes are available to all LIVE ticket holders.  Online ticket holders will be able to access any Online Classes.You will choose three classes to attend live if you have a full conference ticket.  All other online content will be available for streaming after the conference. VIP ticket holders will have a priority window for registration and then it will open to all ticket holders.  

DIY Promo Video * Live + Online

with Brooke Walsh

Color Correct in Low Light

* Live + Online

with Laura Paulescu


Image Critique * Online Only

with Kirsten Lewis

Building Up a Birth Biz where Birth isn't

Big * Live + Online

with Laura Eckert

Call Share & Collaboration

* Live + Online

with Natasha Hance & Amanda Gipson

Video Editing Magic * Live + Online

with Ceci Jane Massa


Learn to Sell without SELLING

* Live + Online

with Amanda McGhee


Advanced Marketing * Live + Online

with Neely Ker-Fox


Positively Preventing Burnout

* Live + Online

with Rachael Steele

Know When to Go * Live + Online

with Andrea Lythgoe

Legal Primer for Birth Photographers

*Live Only

with Colleen Bianco Bezich