Elizabeth Boyce is the Birth Boss of OFF-CALL.  She is crazy.

Crazy in love with Birth Photography.  Maybe even more crazy in love with birth photographERS.  She is certainly crazy wild and fun.  She can also be a crazy workaholic.  It really just depends on her job at the moment.  She is crazy passionate about running a successful business.  She is crazy about being authentic and open.  Lastly, it's important to note that she gives crazy awesome hugs.  You have been warned.  

She owns Earth Mama Photography in Dallas, Texas where she has photographed births since 2005 and still has a thriving studio that includes birth photography.  She is also the mother of 6 awesome kiddos, wife to Tom and Blogger/Travel Photographer at Wandering the World Below where she documents their adventures while living full-time in an RV as they travel the USA.  She loves camping, traveling, sandals, long skirts, young adult fiction, Starbucks and hanging out by the fire. 

She founded the original Birth Retreat Workshop in 2009 and then merged it into Birth Stories [101] which eventually became OFF-CALL.  Now Elizabeth runs OFF-CALL with the help of Ceci Jane Massa, one of the original founding members of Birth Stories.

There are a ton of other helping hands that make this project a go.  Our instructors, our community, and each person who lends an ear late at night are just as important to the big picture.