Below are some frequently asked questions (ok and we admit there are a few questions that no one would actually ask) and they are answered in our typical humorous tone.  Be sure to not take them offensively or Ceci will be able to say “I told you so” to Elizabeth.  And Elizabeth HATES being wrong.  Read on…


What is the purpose of the tour?

The tour is designed to bring a little taste of the Off-Call Conference to YOU!  We want to help you build your network in your own areas, promote the industry and our high standards and connect you and others who want to see it grow!  Plus we come prepared with a whole bunch of awesomeness to teach you.  And ofcourse, mentoring is available as well!

Who can attend the tour?

Anyone!  This is a great way for those considering birth photography to connect with others doing it and to learn at the same time.  But it is just as important for those who have been shooting for years!

Who is speaking?

Each Tour stop has it's own unique program and speakers will also likely change.  Elizabeth Boyce is the creator and runs the Tour, so she will likely be speaking at each one.  Ceci Jane Massa is helping to launch the tour in Austin, Texas and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  She may also join us at other tour stops!  As speakers are confirmed, they will be announced!

Can I bring my baby?

Lap babies are welcome to attend the tour program with their mamas.  Please note that there may be activities that are more difficult to participate in with an infant.  If your baby is disruptive, you may be asked to step into the lobby.  You do not need to purchase a ticket for your infant.  We try to make it as easy as possible for you!


What is the purpose of the conference?

The conference is designed to provide a combination of learning, shooting, networking, vendors and FUN!!!  We want you to take time to connect with other birth photographers and fall in love with birth photography, if you haven’t already!

Who can attend the conference?

The conference is open to anyone!  Whether you are a new birth photographer and have never even photographed one before or you have been at it for year, there is something for you.  You NEED this.

Where can I see the conference schedule?

You can view a breakdown of the conference schedule once it is released.  Patience, young grasshopper.

What is the conference yearbook?

As long as you register by a set day and submit a headshot, you will be listed in alphabetical order in our conference program (aka yearbook). It will include the conference schedule, vendor highlights, ads relevant to your business and each person’s photo and bio with website and space for yearbook signing.  We are hoping this allows everyone to “look up” the people they want to meet in the yearbook and find them at the conference, since we mostly know everyone online.

Who is hosting this Conference?

Elizabeth Boyce is the conference head and runs the conference operations.  The conference is the brain child of Birth Stories [101].  Elizabeth Boyce, Natasha Hance and Ceci Jane Massa worked together to train birth photographers, promote birth photography and build connections within the community.  

Is this the same as a Birth Stories [101] workshop?

Heck no!  Birth Stories [101] is an intensive weekend workshop.  The conference is for a little learning and a little fun and a lot of connecting.  If you want to learn more about the workshops we offer, please visit our website.

How fun will this conference be?

Mind blowing.  Need we say more?

Who is speaking at the conference?

You can go learn about the speakers and their topics HERE.

When will Hands on sponsors be announced?

These will be announced as they are confirmed!  We want it to be relevant and really help you grow!

Can I bring my baby?

Lap babies are welcome to attend the conference with their mamas.  Please note that there may be activities that are more difficult to participate in with an infant.  If your baby is disruptive, you may be asked to step into the lobby.  You do not need to purchase a ticket for your infant.  We try to make it as easy as possible for you!

Can I bring my spouse?

You can bring your spouse if you choose!  However, you would need to purchase an extra ticket for your spouse to attend.

I can’t attend, will you have another one?

We plan for conferences every 18 months.  

Will this conference make me an amazing photographer?

Maybe?  We really won’t be doing much in the way of technical teaching.  But if you spent a lot of time reading photography textbooks at night, then it might!  Mostly it is designed to uplift and educate you.

Will I receive certification for attending?

Does that even exist?  We don’t think it does.  So, no.  No certification.


Is lodging included in my ticket?

Nope.  Since everyone has different needs, we are not including lodging in our conference ticket.  This allows you to book a room type that meets your own needs.  The hotel has a TON of options.  

How much is the hotel each night?

Coming soon!

What does the hotel have?

Everything!  They have a on site coffee shop, gift shop, bar and grill,  snack bar, outdoor pool, free wifi, comfy beds, rooms with a microwave and mini-fridge, suites, Full Kitchen suites, arcade, exercise room... you name it!  Need anything else?  I doubt it.

Is there an option to share a room?

You can absolutely room share!  Please join our Facebook Group to connect with others who want to do the same.

Can I sleep in the lobby?

I guess if you pass out there, you could for 20 minutes or so.  But after that point, you would probably have to move to your room or the local police station.  We could be wrong.  If you want, you could call the hotel and ask… just don’t tell them you are with us.


Are meals included in my ticket?

Tour tickets DO NOT INCLUDE meals.  If you join us for the Meal Meet-Up, you are responsible for purchasing your own meal.  Desserts/snacks will be provided during the event.

If you have purchased a VIP ticket, your lunch on Monday is provided, as is your breakfast on Tuesday.  On Monday evening we will provide dessert or snacks, but otherwise, meals are on you!

Are there places to eat nearby?

There are quite a few options within a short walk from both the hotel and the venue.  They range in price to accommodate any budget.  There are cafe’s, patio grills, and bars.  We promise you won’t starve.

Will you spoon feed me?

Yes.  There is a fee of $5,000 to have us feed you your meals.  Please email us for more information.


Which airport do I fly into?

Tampa is only a short LYFT ride from the hotel.  You can also Fly into St. Pete.

Is my airfare included? 

Are you crazy?  We can’t believe you even asked.

Do I need to rent a car?

You should not need to rent a car.  You can LYFT/Uber or Taxi it from the airport to the conference venue.  If you prefer to have a car, feel free!  But please know there is an additional parking fee at the hotel.


Is the full ticket amount due when I purchase?

Yes.  Due to the limited number of tickets available, you must pay in full at the time of your purchase.

How do the Tour BULK tickets work?

We offer you the chance to purchase tickets in bulk packs.  You may purchase a 2 pack or a 5 pack of tour tickets.  This is still one transaction (so the purchaser handles collecting funds from friends) and you simply list the names of those attending on your ticket.  It offers each attendee a significant discount on their ticket and is especially helpful for encouraging others to attend.

Do you offer scholarships?

We want everyone to be able to come, but the cost of the tour/conference doesn’t allow for scholarships at this time.

What is the cancellation policy?

What?!  You are going to cancel?!?  Crazy.  Either way, ALL tickets are non-refundable.

Is my ticket transferable?

LIVE conference tickets sure are!  If time permits and the new ticket holder wants to be included in the conference yearbook, there is a $75 transfer fee.  If they just want to come in your place under your name, simply email us and let us know.  Online Tickets are NOT TRANSFERABLE.

Can I scalp my ticket out front the hotel?

Weird.  We guess you could try, but honestly, we doubt it would do much for you.  You might have better luck selling it online, but if you sell if for more than you paid for it… busted.


Is alcohol allowed?

There will be times when a cash bar is available for alcoholic beverages for those 21 or older or wine may be provided at the event.  There is also a bar at the hotel.  There are bars near the venue and you are free to drink during meals and breaks.  However, if you become a crazy drunk person, we will remove you.  It is really only fun for you- keep it in check.

Is smoking allowed?

Smoking is not allowed on or outside of the premises.  Please go down the street or to the parking lot to smoke.  Thanks for considering little babies who might be attending.  

Should I bring my camera?

Yes!  We can’t promise you will have a set time where you will need it, but having it would be helpful.  If you are signing up for a shooting field trip... bring it!

Are there times when photography is prohibited?

Sadly, yes.  You can not photograph during any speaker presentations or classes.  It is distracting to the speakers and other attendees.  However if you need to take a selfie afterwards, have at it!  You are not allowed to record video or audio of any part of the conference without express permission.

Is pumping/breastfeeding allowed?

It sure is!  You are welcome to use them at any point.  There is no fridge, so please bring ice packs or take them back to your room.

Can I smoke a joint?

Have you met me?  If you had, you would already know the answer to this!