Host the Tour in Your city

As a tour host, you are a key component in getting Off-Call On-Tour to your area!  Tour hosts are so important for so many reasons!

As a Tour Host you receive:

  • Attend the hosted program for free!
  • 30 min skype/in-person mentoring with tour stop speakers
  • Select the program that best fits your area's needs
  • Provide key insight to your city's unique needs and dynamic
  • Additional 1-1 time if you also host speakers in your home for the night (if needed)

As a Tour Host you are responsible for:

  • Helping to find and secure a location for up to 30 people
  • Help with light set up/clean up the day of the event
  • Provide light snacks/dessert and wine with a $5 stipend per ticket sold
  • Provide a large screen TV and power strip
  • Help promote the event within your city
  • Act as our point of contact/event coordinator for attendees/vendors as we approach the event and on the day of so that our focus is on teaching.


A minimum of 10 tickets need to be secured prior to committing to your city if it is not on our pre-selected tour route.  Please contact us to see about available dates and speakers.  Please gauge local interest first to be sure that you can meet the 10 ticket minimum.