Workshop Program

Pasadena, California

June 4, 2016  9:00am- 5:00pm


9:00am Introduction & Connections Circle

Welcome to the circle!  We will do a short intro to the day's plans and then we will do introductions and connect the circle in a new way.

9:30am Speaker- TO BE ANNOUNCED

Official Speaker coming soon

10:30am  Break

Quick 15 minute potty break... because everyone has to go!

10:45am Workflow Magic

Learn more about studio management and how to simplify your workflow.  Watch our speakers walk through a full birth workflow from start to finish and how to make the smaller tasks easier while keeping your clients informed and everything organized at your fingertips!

11:30am Lunch Break

Run and grab your lunch or join us nearby to have lunch with us!  We will be eating and chatting and getting to know each other better while we take a break, relax and recharge!

1:30pm Pricing for Profit with Elizabeth Boyce

Elizabeth Boyce has run a birth business for 10+ years and supports her family on just her photography business.  She will share with you ways that she moved from charging $.15 a print to making $2-3000 per birth and making sure that her business is always in the black! Get ready to price yourself for profit.

2:30pm On the Spot Critique

Hop up in the hot seat and have us take a look at your website and any marketing materials you bring us.  We will brainstorm ways to improve them, point out what is working and not and help you reach more of your ideal clients!  We will allow as many participants in the hot seat as we have time for.  We welcome all participants to join in the fun!

3:30pm Break

Yeah, we gotta go again!  You know you do...

3:45pm Biz Blitz

A fun and interactive way to brainstorm solutions to common business problems.  Not sure what to do about childcare?  Wondering how to reply to an upset client?  Missed a birth and unsure how to fix it?  This is the time to share what you have done, learn from our speakers past experience, and brainstorm solutions to help those who may experience the same in the future.

4:30pm Close & Group Photo

So sad to say goodbye!  But it doesn't have to be the end.  You can see us again at the next tour stop, at Off-Call in 2017 or you can set up one-on-one mentoring!