For the Love of a Birth Boss

You may wonder about our tagline...


If you have ever met me in real life, you probably wouldn't wonder.  For the Love is a phrase that is OFTEN coming from my lips.  Most often it is in exasperation.  Sometimes out of concern.  Less often is it actually about love.

Birth Boss is a term that I started using on a project a while back.  I used in to reference birth photographers who are just awesome at being a girl boss.  

How do those things turn into a tagline?  Well, honestly, they weren't my first choice.  I had built our entire site around a different tag and the day before launch discovered that someone else in the industry used the terms as well.  We decided to make a shift.  I never want to seem less than authentic.  Even if it was an honest mistake.

So hours into the brainstorming process, we are getting NOWHERE.  I am frustrated, we have nothing and I say, "For the LOVE."  And there it is.  We had already talked about liking Birth Boss, but couldn't find a way to bring it all together.  And thus, For the Love of a Birth Boss was born.

We know it sounds like a swear word.  It probably will come from my mouth as one.  The truth is that it really means that you are a FREAKING awesome Birth Boss and that everything I do in building OFF-CALL, the community, the industry, is because of my love for you and the dedication you give to your craft.  

Last but not least, that is me photo-bombing in the image above.  I was probably saying, "For the LOVE!"  Can we just appreciate how crazy I look?  Also, the annoyed elderly woman in the background who is wondering if she should call the police?  It is utter greatness.  I truly hope that if we haven't met before, you and I get to connect so I can give you a huge hug and say "For the Love" and you will feel the heart with which I say it to you.  It is nothing but love.     

All My Love,

Elizabeth Boyce, Owner, Founder & Lover

PS... A special thanks to Brooke Walsh for often being my brainstorming partner.  And for also looking like a crazy person in the camera.  Now who wants to sleep over with us?!?!