We offer referrals for one-on-one mentoring from industry professionals that we love and respect!  Each individual lists their strengths and areas where they offer mentoring.  Please reach out to the one that you feel is the best fit for you and your business.  Please note that they are not employees or contractors of OFF-CALL and any mentoring done through them will be paid directly to the mentor and their contract and policies will apply.


"If you are even thinking or considering mentoring with Elizabeth, click the button now!

It is going to change your life and the way you do business.  She is warm and loving and amazing… everyone loves her.  It will be not only an awesome opportunity, but one you certainly won’t regret." K. Kamine

Elizabeth Boyce


Elizabeth began photographing births in 2005 and has run a successful studio based in Dallas, Texas for the last 8 years.  She focuses on bellies, births, babies and families.  She uses both natural light and studio lights and is comfortable in almost any lighting situation.

Elizabeth has been teaching, mentoring and speaking for many years.  She is funny, but straight up about what will make you successful.  She is an open book and you are more than welcome to ask her anything.

  • Birth, Babies, Maternity, Newborn, Families, Seniors
  • Lighting (natural, speedlight, studio)
  • Editing
  • Workflow
  • Posing
  • Pricing
  • Marketing
  • Branding
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Mentoring is available for $100/hour.


“I used to think that, as a business owner, you had to be good at everything.

I forgot that there are people who can help you make strategic decisions that benefit your business while pushing you forward as an individual. Aaron has been that person for me. He’s been an invaluable asset and trusted confidant during some of the greatest growth moments for my company.” D. Daniel

Aaron Massa

Business Coach

Aaron Massa has always loved learning, but he always wanted to do it the most efficient way possible, which is why his bachelors degree only took 3.5 years! In the last 17 years he has held all kinds of positions, like janitor, sewing machine repair man, financial services, retail sales, accounting, non profit administration. Changing jobs roughly every two years until he realized that he was a problem solver! He loved to solve problems, to participate with the people around him to improve the situations, processes and road blocks they faced. He started Ledger and Levy, LLC to help small business owners devote more time to growing their businesses. He has also helped business owners through personal development and business coaching.

  • Bookkeeping Training
  • Good Decision Making
  • Business Coaching/Goals
  • Goal Setting and Accomplishment
  • Personal Development/Identity
  • Problem solving

Mentoring is available for $80/hour.


""I knew I was wasting time with my editing, but didn't think there was any other way.

Brooke helped me re-focus on my workflow and reduce editing time significantly, which means I'm spending less time in front of the computer and more time living my life!" ~L. Duranda

Brooke Walsh


Brooke Walsh is a Minnesota based filmmaker and photographer who has been focused on births and newborns at Peace Love Babies since 2011. She recently launched a collaborative focused on documentary photography at Let's Get Real Photography.

Brooke Walsh is a co-founder of Minnesota Birth Photographers, has been published widely in such places as Huffington Post and Buzzfeed, offers digital classes, editing services, copywriting, mentoring, and has taught at the off-call conference. She draws from her background as an English major, Newspaper editor, writer, photographer, and efficiency nerd in her mentoring.

  • Story-based Filmmaking
  • Cutting down your editing time with photos and/or video
  • Documentary portraits
  • Birth photo, films
  • the 2 hour newborn session
  • Shooting newborn without a bean bag
  • 45 minute Newborn minis
  • Working with the media

Mentoring is available for $100/hour.


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