Vendors & Sponsors

It is a team effort...

Our entire purpose in our work is to create connection.  This doesn't just mean connecting photographers, but also connecting them to products and services that make sense for their business! This is where our vendors and sponsors come into play.  

We offer a variety of options both at our smaller tour stops and at the large conference.  This years large conference will take place in Clearwater Beach, Florida.  Our speaker and vendor opportunities take place on the 20th and 21st of February 2017.

Our tour stops will begin April 8th in Austin, Texas and travel throughout the US and into Canada.  Tour stops are more intimate and vendor space is limited.

Come On-Tour!

Whether you join us for the entire tour or just attend one event, we would love to have you.  Tour events are exclusive, so only one vendor of your type will be there... you!  Tour stops are smaller and more intimate, giving you a chance to really connect with attendees in a different way.  Vendor space will vary at each location, as will the set up. 

$249/ per Vendor Spot

$99- $299 Advertising Available


Come to Clearwater!

You will find that our conference and it's attendees are just a little bit different.  The conference provides a dedicated "hands on" time with our vendors to really get into their products, ask questions and play with product they don't otherwise have time to play with!  Our ladies LOVE this portion of the conference.  

Pricing coming soon!